Saturday, June 9, 2012

Zion (and other adventures).

Happy 45th Anniversary to my grandparents! They are such amazing people and they definitely deserved this trip.  My whole family went down to Zion for the party. My grandparents got everyone a room and my cute auntie filled each room with goody bags! It was so lovely.

 (Disclaimer! Credit is due to Mom and Brother - they took the photos.)

On our first day there we arrived around 4. Everyone was down at the little park area they had at the Cliffrose Lodge and had sandwiches (and other good things) waiting. We had dinner and then just hung out the rest of the evening, chatting and playing lots of games (i.e. Australian Ninja Golf, volleyball, and Frisbee).  We roasted marshmallows and had treats.

Vaughnie was not happy with the golf...

The next day we went on a hike to Emerald Pools. It was harder than I thought it would be! If you ever want to know how Chase escaped death on Angels' Landing, you should ask him. It's pretty gut-wrenching. The hike was beautiful and I helped little Zach catch tadpoles. I realized that it's a bit difficult to enjoy the scenery when you are watching you feet so as not to slip off the edges...but we made it back safe and sound ( I know you were worried). After a swim and a shower we had a grand display of desserts set out for Hans and Mary at the little park again. There was bumbleberry pie, a raspberry white chocolate bundt from Nothing Bundt Cakes, a carrot cake from Oscar's, and little old fashioned candies from when G&G got married. To top it off? Mexican bottled Cokes! Grandpa used to work there just after they were married. With 60's music playing in the background, we indulged. While we had desserts, G&G gave out little Ukrainian gifts. Grandpa went there to do mock trials with the law students. I got a painted wooden egg and a mastryoshka doll. Well, man doll. It was a man. Then, my favorite part. I made a little game to play and called it "Hans' and Mary's ABC's". I collected key words from all 4 of the sisters and basically created a memory board.  For example, A is for Arctic Circle, where Grandma worked in high school, G is for Garments (which, by the way, invoked a story that brought tears (from laughter) to my Grandparents' eyes), etc., etc. They absolutely LOVED it. We went through the whole alphabet and with each word brought a great memory. 45 years worth.

This is Bryton trying to stifle a laugh as my Grandpa 'combs' her hair...with a wooden comb from the Ukraine that basically rips your hair out. Woo!

Then, the next morning we loaded our bikes onto the tram and headed to the end of the canyon. We rode them all the way down, back to our hotel. It was amazingly beautiful, and I felt so happy to be alive. I am so blessed with a life I love. I feel gratitude.

Some more swimming, and some Oscar's and what a great day it was. I loved all of the little shops we visited and the time I got to spend with my family. It's been years since we were all together on a vacation.

We of course enjoyed our stay in Zion. Bumbleberry pie, swimming, red mountains, Frisbee, and family. I can't wait to do it again.

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  1. that sounds like a wonderful wonderful time. you have a beautiful life whitter gee. you're my favorite. 45 years of marriage! that is amazing!