Monday, April 9, 2012


Chase had a birthday.

I love his birthday so much! I just want to do all of his favorite things. It was hard with the show still going on, but we pulled it off. I made him homemade Haven doughnuts for breakfast, since he has been obsessing over Lins' doughnuts lately...I got chocolate sauce and made whipped cream cheese to put on top. I made them in a cast iron skillet and it turned out so nice! He loved having homemade coffee and doughnuts for breakfast.

After that, I sent him shooting with TJ so I could get some more stuff done. I wanted to make him from-scratch, red velvet, ice cream cupcakes, and red velvet cake pops with purple chocolate for the shell. It took a while but it worked out! Instead of red coloring though I used green, since that is his favorite color.

The ice cream cupcakes were so easy! I just only filled half of the cupcake liner, baked them, then put softened ice cream inside once they were cooled and refroze them! So easy. And not a $35 ice cream cake.

He wanted to go to Sweet Basil (local Thai restaurant) for dinner. I had to run an errand before hand so that I could get his (drum roll) trampoline! That's right, I bought my now-29-year-old husband a trampoline for his birthday. And a Great Wave t-shirt to boot. He loved it. TJ and Wendy got him a 10-seat poker table and Natalie got him some balloons. He loved those too!

After the Vagina Monologues were over, we went over to Penrod's to have the treats I made. He had a good look on his face when I gave them to him, so I think he liked them too. I was so happy that he was happy on his birthday. I love him so much, and it still amazes me that after such a long time, I can still get butterflies. I always thought that those only happened at the beginning, like with other boys I had dated. But Chase isn't like other boys.

Next year is a big birthday!

Let's make a thing out of it, yeah?


  1. yay! for chase! a trampoline? i bet he is just so happy! you're a good good wife.

  2. p.s. those sweet treats sound amazing.