Monday, April 9, 2012

What a wonderful life.

Yet again, I need to write more. I have so many things on my mind! I should write more often so that I don't have so many things I need to spill out of my mouthbrain.

Chase and I went to LA. It was as fun as going to a big city is when you are a small-town-lover.  Which is not very much. But I do love to roadtrip with Chase. We talk a lot. It's nice.  We bought delicious hand made doughnuts at Randy's Doughnuts when Chase accidentally drove all the way to Inglewood. ! Oops. Turns out that Tupac wasn't 100% right about that town.

We visited friends, Tilt and Tiffany Mills, and got to see some great improv at iO West.  I saw Angela Kinsey (Angela from The Office) do live improv! What?! Famous by proximity. And a once in a lifetime opportunity/moment. I also got to talk to James Grace, who is amazing as well. Not a  celebrity, except in the improv world. He remembered Chase.

What I got from our trip to LA was that I want to do more music. I don't care if it is at a coffee shop or just in my library at home. I love to make it, and sing it, and cover songs that I love. And create. I want to create. Music is my only way. That and photography. But I feel that my photo identity is lost in this digital world where every other person I know has a photography "business". And then I just seem hipster when I tell people that I started photography around the age of 15. I did it before it was cool, man. How annoying am I?

I can't paint or draw or sculpt or construct. I guess anything is art. Eye of the beholder, right?

While I was in LA, on April Fools' Day, my Great Grandmother turned 90. NINETY. She still gets on the floor and plays with the grandkids. It's unbelievable. I want that.

We drove to Vegas from LA and went to dinner the night before we were to return home. We went to Bahama Breeze, which is a restaurant that my family and I used to go to when we would go school shopping. I like it because it's off of the strip, so you get a good experience. It's a Jamaican restaurant and I love it! We had such a good time. There was a funny and strange waiter next to us, and Chase and I couldn't help but laugh. We liked him, his enthusiasm, and his tiny, red, braided pony tail. What a cool guy.  After dinner, we wanted some delicious dessert. We went to Serendipity 3 and ordered the Strawberry Fields Forever. It's the best strawberry ice cream ever, with the best piece of cheesecake ever, with real whipped cream and strawberries on top. It's the best ever. EVER. Get it next time you go.

I do have photos of all of these things, but I never post them. One day, I will just post them all and then you guys will read it and laugh, and say "I remember her telling me about that! Oh, memories."

I want to say a sad thought that I had. We were walking through Ceasars Palace to get to Serendipity 3 and Chase wanted to stop and watch the roulette tables briefly. While he did, I couldn't help but watch the dancers they have in cages in the middle of the casino. I just remember their faces. So devoid of emotion. Just doing a job. I did not like it. I hope that they are choosing to do that, and not just doing it for money. There is lots of money, and it's not worth that. The saddest part was when the dancer stepped out of the cage, away from the pole, and onto a tiny stage. She wiggled around briefly, and then, so nonchalantly, did a triple coupe pirouette. She is a real, trained, professional dancer. It made me ache FOR her. I hope she likes her job.

Chase and I were SO happy to be back in our little home, in our own podunk town, with our dogs, our roommate, and our chickens. It was a relief to breathe country air. I never thought I would say that.

I love adventure, but LA is simply just not.

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