Monday, August 6, 2012

I'm all for the weekend.

We had an awesome Off the Cuff weekend again. It was a double feature! On Saturday night, it was a benefit to raise money for Camp Kesem, a cancer society for children with various types of cancer. We raised $93! I hope it helps someone.

Then, on Sunday, Chase and I had a good day to ourselves. We woke up late, which I have a love/hate relationship with. I like doing it, but I also like having a whole day to do what I want. I made homemade honey-cinnamon oatmeal and cut us up some good fruit for brunch.  I like being a vegan. I always feel good after I eat. I feel satiated and healthy. And I have lots of energy throughout the rest of the day. Some days I eat cheese, and then I feel sick and remember that I shouldn't eat it. It helps me remember.  

After that, we laid around for a while, and then decided we wanted our carport clean, so we did that. I like lazy Sunday. On Sunday afternoons we've been going to an improv workshop put on by OTC. I am learning how to do improv! It's been fun. It makes me nervous, but it's fun enough that I am willing to trade embarrassment for learning. 

We play this game sometimes called Witness Protection Program. It's so long to explain but I'll try to summarize! It's sort of like fugitive, murder in the dark, and sardines all rolled into one. It's the best night game I've ever played! Our friend Melissa Singleton invented it, and you can check out the full website here, and purchase it too! I promise you'll love it. If you don't, I'll put your foot in my mouth. I'll explain one round...

Everyone pulls a card. I was the witness, so I get 2 minutes to go and hide. We use really large areas like the Randall Jones theater grounds, so it makes it harder. I ran, my heart pumping, to the opposite side where no one could see me. I looked around and found an old work truck and tried the door. Success! The door was unlocked. I crawled in and laid down on the floor of the truck. "I'm so not in a good spot," I thought to myself, "You shouldn't have worn a salmon-colored shirt to hide in the dark."  I just sat there, for a good 3 minutes, before someone walked past the door of the truck. They didn't see me. Phew!  I only needed 2 good guys to hide with me to win.  If I got killed by the murderer or one of their accomplices, we would lose! I stayed super quiet. NO ONE saw me. I thought I was in plain sight. Since the rounds are only 10 minutes long, I figure that at least 8 minutes have passed. So, I peek over the dashboard. Clear. I quietly open the door of the truck, and start to sneak away. My plan is to go out into the open and find 2 innocents to gather with me. But oh! Christian comes walking around the corner. I hide behind the truck, and make sure to stay opposite him. As soon as I get to the front of the truck, I take off! I ran as fast as I could to the other side of the theater. I know he has seen me, but I can't hear him chasing me, so I keep running faster. I push through a patch of trees into a group of people. They come running at me. "Whitney Whitney! We're police officers!"

We win. 

Really, you should try it. Really. 

After the game, we got a good night's sleep again. It was wonderful. We woke up, and after I spent the morning at Bella, finished cleaning up the carport again. I did some chores, played with the dogs, and got a little sleepy.

I decided to take a nap. I don't nap, so this was a deal. I laid down on the couch, in our dark theater room, and began to close my eyes. I started something I call lucid dreaming. I know I am still awake, but I start seeing things in my brain that don't make sense. Today it was my miniature-sized dad in a hula skirt, doing a dance. Sometimes it's marshmallow people. But always, I know I am half-awake. Then, such a loud crash of thunder! I didn't even know it was raining. My dogs hate the sound, so both of them scurried in and laid down at the foot of the couch. I comforted them as I drifted off to sleep and woke up around 5, listened to the rain, fell back asleep and woke up again an hour later. I love the sense of euphoria after a nap. I went outside and the sun was shining through a dark sky. I can't wait to feel that feeling again. Snoozy and euphoric and happy.

I love living. I love living my life.  


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I love the blog!


    1. Of course, Melissa! We sure do love that game.

  2. I want to come play night games!! Seriously, how FUN!
    And another seriously? We really need to get together asap!

    1. You guys totally should! We can play with like 50 people. We DO need to get together. In fact, I can't believe I haven't seen you around already!