Tuesday, August 28, 2012



My loyalty has paid off. Literally!

I have been working for Bella by myself on and off since we started in April 2011.  We have been through 4 photographers in less than a year, and since the end of January of this year I have been the sole photographer for them at Valley View Medical.  The entire time, I have been hoping that, seeing my dedication, they would give me a promotion. And huzzah! It finally happened.

They have made me Area Coordinator for Southern Utah.

You guys. I get my own business cards! Which is, of course, one of the top highlights of the promotion. I've never had my own business cards.

Now, the feeling that I have is strange.

I feel as though I am wasting my education. I know that no knowledge is wasted knowledge, but according to every-educator/family-member-I've-ever-met,  my college degree is supposed to make me much more money than if I only had gotten a high school education.

Remember this?

Well, it isn't panning out for me that way.

Granted, I could move. I could move to a bigger city and probably find a job I would use my degree in. 9-5. Probably desk job-ey. But I'm almost positive I would hate that. No. I am. Positive. 

Right now, I get to work a few days a week at the HH. Just today, I felt like I made a difference in one woman's life. She made a difference in mine. I felt good.

I like doing this for now. It is a good job, and I'm proud to have the position I do. I have worked for it!

I love my life. I need to remember that. I really do love it. It's perfect. Besides my projects and my house and all that outside bullshit, I really do have a perfect life. I love my husband, and my dogs, and my roommate, and my friends, and my parents, and my siblings, and most people in general. 

This is a good step.

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  1. yay! I am so proud of you whit. i think it's okay that you aren't using your degree. totally okay. yay for a perfect life.