Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Some things I want to remember.

Lately, we’ve been working on our patio, and I just want to get it done! I’m tired of it being half. And the stones are heavy. And I don’t know if I am laying it correctly. And peaches are falling everywhere.

But oh, the peaches.

These are the best peaches you have ever had in your life. I guess you may not have had them, but if you were ever going to taste them, you would be glad. They are like candy, these! And with some sweet cream(er, because it’s non-dairy), they are irresistible. I’ve been giving them away because I cannot keep them all to myself. They are white peaches, and they are my favorite things I have ever tasted. And nature made them. And that’s strange.  And awesome.

I’m having a lot of fragmented thoughts today.

Speaking of nature…

Since eating like a veganarian (a new word we have come up with for my eating style, if I must) I have lost a total of 8 pounds. I am scared to put it out in the universe that I have lost weight, but I have. And it feels really good. And so do I! All of the time. And only when I eat something yucky for my body do I then feel yucky afterwards.  My body is trying to tell me something and I’m getting better at listening!

The weekend of my birthday there was the Perseid meteor shower. I wanted to watch it so badly! There were supposed to be over 100 meteors an hour on the night of the 12th. The Twelfth Night. But guess what? Stupid monsoon season in Cedar covered it up. There were too many clouds. We couldn’t see it.


But you know who wasn’t disappointing? Dad. He came through town and bought us lunch for my birthday. Cute and fun. We went to Winger’s and Scnoodle-poo-pumpkin served us. It was nice. I had ice cream pie-for-free birthday!

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