Friday, August 3, 2012


During the first weekend in July, Chase and I traveled to Oregon. Most of my family was already there, we just brought my brother and his friend Jeremy along with us. My dad works for the owner of NuSkin. She is very well off and owns about 3,000 acres in Promise, OR.  I don't think you can find it on a map, and if you can, you have to put in the GPS coordinates.  Anyway, we go there for the 4th of July celebration each year, and have a lot of fun! Some days it is extremely competitive and you kind of just have to deal with it, but we have fun each time. This year there was paintball, and I took 2nd in the shotgun shooting competition! The girl that beat me had never shot a gun before and, truthfully, that made me mad, but I won $50 anyway. I shot the most birds so at least I have that, right? Also, on the night of the talent show, Chase, Carson, and I did 2 improv scenes and they were a huge hit! Everyone loved them, and Sandie herself told us how much she loved it. That made me happy. It's really good to spend time with family and get away for a while.

Then, on the 14th of July we went to the Jamboree! It happens in Cedar every year. I always look forward to it because they line up classic cars all the way down main street! They have treats and coupons and fun. It was a lot of fun. We handed out coupons for OTC too! A lot of people have used them so far, and that makes us happy.

The whole month we have been mostly working on the yard, building fences and painting and cleaning up the carport. I just want it to be done already! I want to enjoy it. Almost there....

Also. Natalie got a puppy. His name is Beam.


On the 24th we had an OTC party at the space. It was so fun! You can watch the annual Australian Ninja Golf Tournament we had here... It's really funny. I promise.

Chase and I almost took it! But the Painrods were better. At least we won Peanuts tissues!

My daddy came through and had breakfast with Chase and I the other day. We didn't talk about anything important. But it was definitely a highlight for me. I love my daduh. He got really excited about playing at Pebble Beach in August. He might win a trip to South Africa! I hope that he does. It will be the highlight of his amateur career. It would top Pebble Beach, which is the winner right now.

He never lets me take photos of him! This is a good capture of his life. Happy in Hawaii.

On to August!


  1. love it. i love those pictures of beam, too. and i love you. miss you.

  2. I've never seen your dad. You look so much like him!