Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesdays are Whimsical.

So, I believe that I have the strangest dreams. 

It truly fascinates me when my worlds blend together, because sometimes I can't tell if something has happened in a dream or in my lucid life. Granted, I am not inside anyone else's head, but I sometimes have dreams about things/events that would not happen in lucid life. Sometimes I dream things and then I see an omen the next day. I started keeping a dream journal and I think I want to share it with the blahging world. They really are interesting stories, if nothing else. My brain is crazy. I'll start from when I started keeping a journal. I haven't been very good recently, but I think if I know that I am going to officially stamp an official blogging world credit onto it, I will be better at keeping it. Often, I write these dreams down right after I wake up, so I am going to type them exactly as they are written, run-on sentences and all. The interpretation will precede a photo of the handwritten dream (when I hand wrote them). Bear with me.

January 21, 2012: a 15 minute nap.

I worked at some sort Of rental place next to some cubicles, and I was talking to Tilt. He said he liked my house and that the theme song should be 'this' and handed me his iPad with a giant play button. I pushed it and vintage music that I liked started coming out of a little cartoon photography. I turned down the volume just as some guy asked me how to work a computer program. I referred him to my neighbor cubicle (eddy, gaby's husband, I think). Eric came over and started asking to try my coffee. It was Kona coffee and really good but I reminded him he doesn't like coffee. Then the dream phone rang and I woke up.

One more, for now.
January  25, 2012

Chase splashed buckets of forest green on the outside of the house, and it fully changed colors, and I hated it.  

Carini? *
*All I remember next in that dream is preparing to travel to a place called Carini. I knew how to spell it and I thought it was a made up word. I googled it the next day. It is a beautiful little town about the size of Cedar City on the coast of the Province of Palermo, Sicily, Italy. Extremely specific.  I've never heard of it before. It translates in English to: nice, lovable, pretty, dinky, cute, decent, sweet.  

An omen?

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