Wednesday, August 22, 2012



I kept wandering around my grandma/aunt cidy's house, but it didn't look like their houses. I had had a baby 2 months ago but Chase was taking care of him alone. I got in a fight with Chase about spraying too much Lysol in our baby's room. 

The baby had thick dark hair like Chase and he had a brain surgery scar from when he was born. I started crying because he was asking for his mom and he meant Shauna. I breast fed him and a lady told me it was his last time. 

Sarah Fieldstad was there and I asked her which baby was mine. She said 'beebee' and I was jealous of the time she was spending with her family and not projects. The chickens laid 2 mini eggs and 2 regular eggs upstairs. Chase and I weren't very excited about the baby.

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